In-community Services for Senior Living and Assisted Living Facilities

Senior Living Facilities

Senior living and assisted living residents want and need to live active, engaged lives. Koble Hearing provides them easy access to the very best hearing services. Koble Hearing provides in-community services for active senior living and assisted living facilities. Services are tailored to the needs of the individual community. Proudly serving communities in Arlington, Dallas, and Cedar Hill, Texas.

Monthly Clinics

Follow up care

  • Ears examined and simple cerumen (earwax) removal performed.
  • Current hearing aids cleaned.
  • Hearing screenings performed.
  • Simple Hearing aid repairs performed.
  • Hearing aid supplies such as batteries available.


Educational and Fun

  • Lectures related to hearing healthcare issues such as tinnitus, hearing loss, hearing aids, etc.
  • Fun, interactive programs that engage resident but stress the importance of hearing healthcare.

Full Service

Hearing Care at Home

  • Koble Hearing brings quality hearing care to your community.
  • No need to worry about driving to an office complex, battling traffic or waiting for someone else to bring you.
  • All testing and follow up care is provided in the very place you need to hear most – at home.