“Marylyn is very calming and has such a sweet nature with her.”

“My mother who is 98 years old has been having difficulty hearing for 10+ years. We made an appointment with Marylyn Koble to see if there was something that could help her. Marylyn fitted her with hearing aids that are almost invisible and life changed for her immediately. Marylyn has been so patient with her because mother wants to do everything right but her hand shakes so it makes it difficult to change batteries, etc. Marylyn found an instrument that made inserting the batteries much easier for her. She then told us about a clock with a loud alarm to wake her up when she doesn’t have them in. She has shown her numerous times how to set it, etc. Marylyn goes by the retirement center frequently and always checks on her and shows her, again, what she needs to do. Marylyn is very calming and has such a sweet nature with her. My mother loves her and so do I. Hearing has helped her enjoy things so much better. She can hear on the phone which is so important to her. We have great conversations at night thanks to Marylyn’s expertise. I would recommend her services to anyone, most especially someone as delicate as my mother.”

Sandy L.

“I was delighted with the home hearing services I received from Koble Hearing.”

“In the privacy of the home, Ms. Koble checked my ears, cleaned them, and made sure my hearing aids were in good working order. It was truly wonderful not having to drive to an office for these services because it’s getting more and more difficult for me to get around. I love the option of home appointments and Ms. Koble’s friendly, quick, and professional attention makes for an especially great alternative to office visits.”

Pam N.

“I would highly recommend Marylyn Koble to anyone considering hearing aids.”

“I have known Marylyn Koble personally and professionally for approximately 15 years. Recently I came to the decision that is was necessary for me to consider hearing aids. I contacted Marylyn and was pleasantly surprised to find that she was offering a mobile service that would allow my hearing test to be conducted in the privacy of my own home. Her professionalism and knowledge in her field is outstanding. I was fitted with hearing aids that were both comfortable and appropriate for my hearing loss. Her follow up service is exceptional and she is truly interested in knowing my hearing needs are met.”

Ron R.

“She makes house calls!”

“My mother lives at a senior living facility and Marylyn comes to help her and the other residents – she makes house calls! Recently my mother started having problems with her hearing aids. She just could not hear. She continuously was changing the batteries to solve the problem but it didn’t work. I did not know this was happening. An employee at the facility called Marylyn and told her my mother was about to have her 99th birthday party in two days and would not be able to hear anyone. Marylyn went to see my mother the next day, determined her hearing aids were just too old to adequately let her hear any more, and gave my mother loaner aids for the party! And she let her keep the loaners until new hearing aids could be ordered and dispensed. Marylyn went the extra mile and I will forever be grateful. Marylyn recently ordered a hearing aid part for my husband. He is not her customer but I knew I could ask her for help. My husband could not find the part anywhere and Marylyn got it for him. ”

Judy A.

“She makes hearing loss a pleasure.”

“One of the most pleasant associations I’ve experienced is that of Marylyn. First, she’s a pleasure to see, then she “knows her stuff,” and she comes to me with wonderful equipment to solve my every listening problem. I treasure our association. She makes hearing loss a pleasure.”

Dr. Vera L.

Why Wait?

You don’t have to live with hearing loss

Why Wait?

You don’t have to live with hearing loss